The Giovanni Consort: Concert Season 2019

On behalf of our singers, patrons and sponsors, I am delighted to present The Giovanni Consort’s 2019 Season.

The Consort has gained considerable momentum over the past few years, and 2019 will be no different. The coming year will see The Giovanni Consort continue to focus on its artistic goals; to contribute to the growing library of choral works performed in Western Australia, and to give our performers opportunities to display their considerable skills to a wide and varied audience.

As well as the four concerts that make up our 2019 Season, The Giovanni Consort are intending to perform at a number of festivals throughout Western Australia, as well as provide a regular performance option for many organisations within Perth. 2019 will also mark the release of our first commercial CD.

Please see our Concerts page or Patronage page for Tickets or Subscriptions. All single tickets available at this link.

This year we are also offering our audience members the opportunity to support The Giovanni Consort through tax deductible donations. Further information can be found on our Support Us link.

Thank you for your continued support of professional choral music. I look forward to seeing you at a number of our 2019 events.

Hugh Lydon

General Manager & Artistic Director